Temperature: lexical typology and cognition


3. Frames of temperature evaluation

(1)a. TACTILE TEMPERATURE, or “TOUCH-TEMPERATURE”: The stones are hot.

(1)b. NON-TACTILE, primarily AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: It is hot here


FrameNet (http://framenet.icsi.berkeley.edu/):
Temperature: “An Entity has a Temperature characterized by the target”

Ambient_temperature (inherits the properties of Temperature): “The Temperature in a certain environment, determined by Time and Place, is specified”.

Subjective_temperature (i.e., PERSONAL-FEELING TEMPERATURE): “An Experiencer senses different degrees of warmth that may or may not be related to the ambient temperature. The level of warmth is usually compared against the Experiencer’s subjective standard of comfort”.

Linguistic manifestations of the frames of temperature evaluation

(i) Encoding of the same or comparable temperature values by different words, by different morpho-syntactic patterns, or by a combination of both: predication

(ii) Asymmetries in the interaction between temperature values and kinds of temperature evaluation.

(iii) Different degrees of elaboration in the subsystems of the temperature expressions for different kinds of temperature evaluation.

(iv) Different restrictions on modificational constructions

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